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About Me

My background

I'm an artist from New York City, who has most recently shown for UNESCO in Paris:

Espaces de lumière in 2015 Année Internationale utilisant la lumière in cooperation with Delegation permanente de la Republique de Lituane aupres de l'UNESCO & Kazimieras Zoromskis art foundation.          

My experience

I started painting at the age of 4. My uncle was an artist and always tried to stretch my boundaries of what I could do.

I graduated from The Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts in 1986. My inspirations come from all of history, from cave paintings to renaissance color and movement to cubism, surrealism, impressionism, abstract expressionism, minimalism and anything that helps be bring light love and beauty to the world in my own way.  

My vision

I prefer the abstract. It's Monet without the park to me. Just colors and shapes mixing with figurative images and suggestions of things to try to get the viewer to open their eyes to possibilities. They are reflections of life, open to possibilities and exposed to the elements. I tend to do forays into other realms of painting, but I prefer the freedom associated with the abstract. I have trained in fine arts for 40+ years. 

Contact : hanwitopa@gmail.com

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